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Massive interest in petition presentation

There has been huge interest in the media in the presentation of our petition to Patrick Harvie MSP of more than 2500 signatories from people across Scotland who support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

Over 1500 sign petition

After our petition to support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill, there has been significant interest from the media.

Andrew Morrison - How and why I changed my view on Assisted Suicide

Interesting piece by Andrew Morrison on how and why he became a supporter of the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill after attending a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference.

Martha Gill - We shouldn't deny people the right to die because of 'where it might lead'

This is a really interesting piece by Martha Gill in The Telegraph pointing out the flaws in the "slippery slope" argument to opposing assisted suicide.

Coverage of Doctors supporting letter

Some incredible follow-up coverage from Monday's story in The Herald about 11 Doctors supporting the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

The Herald: "Top doctors: we back assisted suicide legislation"

The Herald reports that top doctors from across Scotland have backed the Assisted Suicide Bill.

Catholic Church intensifies campaign against assisted dying

Leaflets are being sent out to Catholic parishes across England and Wales explaining why the Church cannot support assisted dying. Sense and Nonsense on 'Assisted Dying' takes the form of a Q&A explaining the reasoning behind their opposition and comes before the second reading of Lord Falconer's assisted dying bill in the House of Lords in the spring," reports Christian Today

The Scotsman - Suicide Pact - 19 February 2014

Campaign Spokesperson, Bob Scott, writes letter in The Scotsman states official positions of professional medical bodies to Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.

Life and Death - The Scotsman - 14 February

Campaign Spokesperson, Bob Scott, in a letter to The Scotsman explains role of doctors if Assistsed Suicide (Scotland) Bill is passed.

INSIDE TRACK: An interview that will stay with me for a very long time

The best interviews I do are with ordinary people in extraordinary situations, writes Helen Puttick Health Correspondent of The Herald

I am being genuine, therefore, when I write that I felt lucky to spend last Thursday lunchtime with Gordon Ross, a grandfather from Glasgow. He has Parkinson's disease, among other health problems and, as The Herald reported on Monday, he is launching Scotland's first court case seeking the right for help to end his life.

There have been cases in England before, but not in Scotland, so this former civil servant with a good head for figures is doing something extraordinary.

Media Interest in Campaign Launch

An amazing campaign launch at the Scottish Parliament and almost too much media interest to put on to a page.

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