Stewart Spence

I have just come from the hospital along with my father brothers, sisters and grandchildren after witnessing the death of my mother. Every single one of us will remember her passing for the remainder of our lives.

My mother had lost 4 children over a four year period to various illnesses, cancer , heart attack etc! Now we all know no mother should be put through this kind of heartache, but she was then a week passed Tuesday my mother was rushed into Southern General after suffering a stroke. From that point on things just got worse she had another major stroke and then an infection in her chest she battled for a week to beat this but in the end lost her battle.

For the last 24 hrs the doctors and family decided after numerous test that she was gone as fluid had been building up in her lungs. A decision was made to remove any assistance she was having, " to allow her to pass".

With all her family around her my mother struggled for over 24 hrs gasping for breath the noise will haunt every one of us for ever. This wonderful strong lady was made to suffer for the last hours of her life with her family being tortured.

We do not treat animals in this way , they are put out of there misery as an act of humanity. I can safely I am a Christian, at this moment I am having my doubts about God and Heaven. Why? Because I simply cannot understand why a God would put a mother through what my mother and family went through, and if I could have given my mum a pill believe me I would have

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