Lorna McHattie

In 2006 a group of lifelong friends had a long discussion about voluntary suicide, in certain circumstances. Sadly one of our group, who was strongly for assisted suicide, became extremely ill a few months later. I suspect she knew she was ill at the time of our discussion. No drugs offered her any comfort from the constant vomiting and pain, which she experienced for several weeks before she died. Palliative care did not work for her. She did not have a pain free death.

I feel very strongly that we have human rights for everything these days, except the right to choose to avoid a painful death. I agree that assisted suicide, following the guidelines laid out in this Bill should be legal. Very few people will use it, but it will be a comfort to those who do.

Please support this bill and write to your MSP. If you do not know who they are, you can find them through links from the LifeDeathChoice website.

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