Gregor Robertson


In the 1970's I joined the Voluntary Euthanasia Society in Scotland after meeting their Secretary who was passionate about the case for Dying with Dignity.

I remained on their Committee for many years. However as my family are all very committed Christians I was not able to join in high profile public campaigning and could not make any headway talking it through with my parents.

My mother died a relatively good death aged 87 but my father suffered Dementia. His final three years before death at 98 were pretty ghastly. He was very well cared for but his loss of his formidable mental powers and long drawn out descent into a state of total dependence on care was not good.

I think that notwithstanding his strong Christian convictions, if he had known how his end would be and if he had had a choice, he would have opted for assisted suicide, while he still possessed of some of his faculties.

There were several points some years before his death when the medical profession took aggressive measures to save his life when a natural pain free death was imminent.

I find biblical approaches to this question very unhelpful. I am now 71 and very much involved in family life and great friendships but I hope I have the courage to keep my family from caring for me in a lingering death and if I can take any steps to actively accelerate death when appropriate, I will.

I have signed a Living Will and Declaration which I always carry with me and have told my family of my wishes


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