Bruno Cecco

It is my considered opinion, that assisted suicide should be legal. The fact, that it is not right now, makes our society inhuman and almost barbaric.

For four long years I have been suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica. Last year, in august, I had an additional, severe attack of sciatica, polymyalgia and rheumatism. I am in terrible pain all the time. I can not stand upright for more than 60 seconds. For me life is nothing more than complete agony.

Unfortunately there is neither help nor hope for me: No medication could help me so far. It seems nearly inhuman for my family, especially my wife, to see a person of 74 years of age always sreaming out of pain.

For many elderly people like me the advancement of modern medicine is a catastrophe. We live longer, but what life can it be, when you constantly suffer from a terrible disease? Nowadays the wellbeing of the pharma industry seems to be all important. We get medicine, which keeps us barely alive, so that a lot of money is being made for the shareholders.

Therefore we need a law, which allows assisted suicide. Many people suffer exactly like me. So, if some people talk about moral or religion, I would want them to be in our position just for a day or two. I am quite certain, they would instantly change their minds.

Are we supposed to commit suicide on our own? May we not die in dignity? Everybody should vote for assisted suicide, so that it does no bear a stigma anymore.

I would very much appreciate, if you could print my letter or maybe write an article about the subject. I have sent another letter about the subject to my local MSP

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