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“My Life My Death My Choice” is the campaign to support the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill that has been proposed by Margo MacDonald MSP and is currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament.

Imagine you were suffering a terminal or severely life-shortening condition. Wouldn’t you want to talk openly and honestly about your situation with your doctor? Wouldn’t you want the choice to be able to end your own life? Wouldn’t you at least want to know more and be in charge? You might choose to act or you might not, but the decision should be up to you. That’s why it is Your Life, Your Death, Your Choice.

The Bill will allow people with terminal or life-shortening illnesses to obtain assistance in ending their own life by suicide. It will also ensure that the individual has made his or her own informed decision to end his or her life and has had the opportunity to reflect at key stages before moving forward.

The Bill has already attracted the support of 19 MSPs from all parties in the Scottish Parliament. A consultation document was published on 23 January 2012 and closed on 30 April 2012 after receiving 848 responses. The draft version of the Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 14 November 2013.

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