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The Bill will allow people with terminal or life-shortening illnesses to obtain assistance in ending their own life by suicide. It will ensure that the person has made an informed decision to end his or her life and has had the opportunity to pause and consider before deciding whether or not to take the next steps.

A person who wants to begin the process must:

There are three stages being proposed before assisted suicide would be lawful.

At both requests for assistance, the medical professionals must certify that the person is suffering from a terminal or life-shortening illness or a progressive condition and are capable of:

  1. Making a decision to make the request,
  2. Communicating the decision,
  3. Understanding the decision, and
  4. Retaining the memory of the decision

Only if all of these barriers are passed will a drug or other substance to end the person’s life be prescribed. A licensed facilitator will be assigned to provide comfort and assistance for the person when they take the drug or other substance prescribed to help them end their own life by suicide.

If the person chooses not to die by suicide within 14 days of the “Second Request for Assistance” then the drug will be taken away, and the person must make a further “Second Request for Assistance”.

You may find it helpful to read the forms proposed for each of the above stages, which are on page 11 of the draft Bill.

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